Added to the western outfit for Babies

I just redid the western outfit for babies. It now has a hat, booties and vest. All for 25.00! Very cute for your little cowboy/cowgirl. Can be made in different colors and sizes! ūüôā

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hand crocheted items for children and babies

Hi everyone.¬† I know I haven’t been around for quite awhile.¬† Lots going on.¬† Hope everyone is doing well.¬† I have some new items in my etsy shop that I would like to share with everyone.¬† Some very cute hand crocheted children and baby items¬† My favorite is this Baby western vest and booties.¬† Plz visit my store and let me know what you think!

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Children and shots…..

As a parent one of the hardest things to do is take your children in for shots.¬† Even though you know it is to keep them healthy…it is so hard to have to do something that is uncomfortable or hurts them!

Tonight I took my three daughters to get their flu shots.¬† They all did wonderful.¬†I had told them¬†while we were driving to the dr’s that I would make funny faces during the shots.¬† And, I lived up to my promise!¬† I think the nurse might of thought I was a little crazy but, hey….it made the girls concentrate on me and not on the shot as much!¬†

Now, they don’t have to think about the flu shot for another year!¬†¬†Yippee!!!

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How to enjoy the holidays during this tough economic time

For many…including me this holiday season will be a little different than¬†others due to financial situations.¬† I’m currently not working due to being disabled.¬† And, I know a lot of others have been affected by the economy situation.¬†

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday.¬† I love everything about it!¬† I mentioned to my girls the other day that this Christmas would be a little smaller than before but, that we would still have a wonderful Christmas.¬† I have the most amazing children!¬† They didn’t even bat an eye when I mentioned this.¬† My oldest daughter said well, the reason for the season is Jesus and not about the amount of gifts.¬† Which I think we all need to remember.¬† They also reminded me that Santa was able to help ūüėČ

So, I’ve come up with this list of some things that you can also do to make this holiday season joyous and fun even on a tight budget!

1) Go see lights….Children and Adults love the sights of the Christmas lights.¬† We make a point every year to go see lights.¬† We jump in the car with some hot chocolate and drive around different streets and enjoy what we see.

2) Turn up that Christmas music and sing along! 

3)  Bake cookies together as a family.  Not only is it fun to do as a family but, those cookies can be used as gifts!

4) Hand make¬†your decorations.¬† We have been busy making our own ornaments and decorations for the house.¬† Something you can make for almost free are pine cone decorations and ornaments.¬† Make a day to go gather pinecones and get some paint/glue and go at it! ūüôā

5)  Read holiday books together.  Make some hot chocolate and take turns reading from the book.  This not only is fun but also is educational for your Children

6) Rent movies or find out when they are on tv that are holiday themed. 

7)¬† Just enjoy and spend time with those you love.¬† Like my Daughter said the reason for the season is Jesus.¬† And, if we can all remember that rather than stressing about how we are going to have enough money to buy all the gifts…then, this just may be your happiest Christmas season yet!


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Fibrous Dysplasia a look at this rare bone disease

My daughter was diagnosed with Fibrous Dysplasia about 3 yrs ago.  Not knowing anything about this disease I have done a lot of research and would just like to share a little bit about what it is and our experience with this rare disease. 

 Fibrous Dyspasia is a disease that causes bone thinning and growths or lesions in one or more bones, and leads to bone weakness and scar formation within the bones.

These lesions are tumor-like growths that consist of replacement of the medullary bone with fibrous tissue, causing the expansion and weakening of the areas of bone involved. Especially when involving the skull or facial bones, the lesions can cause externally visible deformities. The skull is often, but not necessarily, affected, and any other bone(s) can be involved.

  • Many patients have lesions localized in only one bone (monostotic fibrous dysplasia), affecting 70-80%.
  • Others have them in many bones (poloyostotic fibrous dysplasia)

In 3% of cases, people suffering from fibrous dysplasia also have endocrine diseases and skin pigmentation; the three together constitute McCune-Albright syndrome. These endocrine diseases include precocious (early) puberty, often occurring as early as 6 years old.

Fibrous dysplasia is very rare; not much is known about it, and there is no known cure

Tests to diagnose this disease are x-rays,  bone scans and bone biopsies.

The only treatments right now are to control the effects of this disease.  There is medicine and there is surgery.

Medications called bisphosphonates, including pamidronate (Aredia) and alendronate (Fosamax), are used to inhibit bone breakdown, preserve bone mass and even increase bone density in your spine and hip, reducing the risk of fractures. Doctors use these medications primarily for adults to treat osteoporosis and increase bone density, but bisphosphonates may also reduce bone pain associated with fibrous dysplasia and, in some cases, improve bone formation.

Little is known about the use of bisphosphonates for children and adolescents, but some studies indicate they may help relieve pain in children and adolescents with severe fibrous dysplasia.

Your doctor may recommend surgery in order to:

  • Correct a deformity
  • Fix a fracture
  • Remove an affected area of bone (lesion) that’s causing you difficulty
  • Relieve pressure on a nerve, particularly if the lesion is in your skull or face.

Our experience with this disease could be different from others.¬† I’ve learned when doing research to remember that not all cases are the same.

My daughter was diagnosed by her ear/nose/throat doctor.¬† She was constantly getting sinus infections and seemed like she always had a cold.¬† He did an x-ray on her sinuses.¬† This also showed her whole skull.¬† It showed up a huge amt of bone.¬† When he called me he was even in shock.¬† He had never seen this kind of thing before.¬† We were referred to a specialist at Children’s Hospital.¬† She was officially diagnosed with fibrous dysplasia in her skull and facial bones.

Surgery is what they did to hopefully rid her of getting the sinus infections.¬† The first surgery was horrible.¬† The dr inserted tubes in her nose to help drain and to open the space.¬† They also had shaved some of the bone down.¬† This surgery didn’t seem to do much except cause her¬†a lot¬†of pain and anxiety.¬†

We have been seeing another specialist at Children’s now and he is wonderful.¬† She has had¬†5 other surgeries to open up the sinuses.¬† However, they were not as bad as the first.¬† The follow up surgeries were mainly to get rid of the scar tissue from the first surgery.¬†

She is now 6 and has not been having a problem.  apparently this disease gets worse during growth spurts and puberty.  So, crossing our fingers it stays at bay and does not get worse. 

Another thing I’ve noticed is that if she hits her head on something it does not sound normal at all.¬† It is so loud!¬† I’ve panicked many times thinking she really hurt herself when all she did was barely hit her head.

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Online Event to help the Crohn’s and Colitis foundation update

Update on the previous post.  There seems to be a problem with the code of ewert2.  Just updated the code so it is now ewert21.  Should that code not work.  Rest assured the 25% of sales will be donated to this cause.  Just let me know that the order was placed for this event and I will keep track.  So far we have earned 36.00 toward the event.  Go team Ewert! 

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Event to help the Crohn’s and Colitis foundation

We are joining forces to help the Ewert’s team challenge to help with raising money for The Crohn’s and Colitis foundation!¬† Not only¬†can you help this great cause but, you can get some of your holiday shopping done!¬† If you go to¬†and click on online events you can help support this great cause!¬† Just put in the code of ewert2 at checkout!!

To learn more about the event we are supporting you can go to  Thank you so much for your support!  Go team Ewert!!!!!

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